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Illusion vs reality!

So, it’s not uncommon for fitness fanatics to discount the value of ballet-based workouts … Why? Quite simply, it’s all about illusions. There are still many who hold the view that exercise should in some way look ‘hard;’ the physical effort put into training visible for all to see, with a grimace or a grunt. To those who hold this viewpoint, the outward illusion of effortlessness – the ultimate goal in any form of ballet fitness – leads them to believe that they couldn’t possibly benefit from a barre workout. Well, we’re here to break down that stereotypical view, by highlighting just how many muscle groups are engaged to successfully perform this one move, which is typically seen in most barre routines – a grand plie on a rise!

Calf muscles
Quadricep muscles
Deep gluteal muscles
External rotators
Abdominis muscles
Oblique muscles
Latissimus dorsi
Trapezius Deltoid

…to name but a few And that’s it; reality check done!