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It’s important to drink water – we all know that. But, let’s be honest … knowing something and DOING something can be quite different. It’s true that, for many, our water intake fluctuates between seasons, with most of us drinking a lot more water in warm weather while finding it less appealing to ingest cold fluids during the winter months. Others, quite simply, don’t like the taste of water.

Either way, here are a few suggestions that we hope will help you maintain a healthy fluid intake.

▶️ Drink water at room temperature if you’re not keen on chilled drinks in cold weather – in fact, ingesting warmer water comes with its own benefits like aiding digestion, clearing sinuses, improving blood circulation and even soothing the nervous system.
▶️ Try adding some fresh fruit if you don’t like the taste of water – while individual fruits/vegetables will offer different advantages, there’s no doubt that they all come with added benefits.
▶️ Always keep your water close to hand – you’ve heard the truism, “Out of sight, out of mind!” so be sure to have a water decanter clearly visible to act as a reminder throughout the day.

Here’s our very own water of choice in the BC office – mint and blueberries. Cheers!