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Here are a selection of questions that we get asked a lot here at BContours…


Our principles and movements are based entirely on traditional ballet techniques, promising a full workout that intelligently exercises your body for total conditioning. Artistic Director, Heather, is in a unique position to pull on her vast experience in the professional dance world, coupled with her qualifications in Applied Anatomy & Physiology, to create a successful programme of high quality ballet-based training that is packaged and delivered in a format that is more typical to gym goers.

No previous dance experience is needed for any of our barre fitness sessions titled Classic Workout or Light Workout. Every movement is demonstrated in full so as to make it easier for you to follow along; this is accompanied by detailed commentary to make these programmes suitable for beginners through to the more advanced individuals.

The vast majority of our members start their BContours training without any prior barre experience and build their knowledge,  technique and confidence after a very short period of regular workout sessions.

Everyone who trains with us, whether starting as a novice or returning to this form of exercise after perhaps dancing in their younger years, finds that it offers them the opportunity to quickly improve posture, flexibility, core strength and co-ordination alongside the additional health benefits that come from mental stimulation and concentrating on breathing and mindfulness.

While there are, of course, many benefits that can be gained by consistently doing one weekly workout with us, it will typically take about twelve sessions to see visible results in body shape and flexibility.

Many of our members have started out with just one session a week and, after quickly noticing their own improvements and the positive effects it has on their life/lifestyle, are naturally drawn into wanting to do more frequent sessions to see just how much more they can benefit.


You do not need lots of space at all to be able to complete one of our workouts. We have customers who have used their windowsill as their barre and have effectively worked out on the living room floor. You can stream your workout on any device so our sessions are really flexible – check out our customer in action pictures to see for yourself!

Typical gym clothing such as leggings and a breathable top are perfect – it is important to ensure that all garments allow for freedom of movement and are not restrictive around any of your joints.

While many choose to wear soft ballet shoes, a smooth pair of socks (free from rubber grips) will work equally well in enabling the feet to gliding across your floor with ease.

As most people do not have sprung flooring at home, it is vital that all jumping sequences are done with soft/flexi-soled trainers that will act to reduce the impact upon landing.

No specialist equipment is necessary, you should have everything you need within your home already. Most of our workouts suggest the use of a stable support so as to offer occasional assistance with your balance – the height of such a support does depend on how tall you are as you need to be careful that it is neither too low nor too high as this will affect the line of your shoulders.

Postural alignment is vital so it’s important that your shoulder level is even with the supporting arm displaying a gentle descent with the elbow slightlylower than shoulder and the wrist in-turn slightly lower than elbow, finishing off with the hand placed nice and flat on the surface of your support.

It’s a good idea to have a large towel or foam mat to lie on when doing any floor stretches; this will ensure that you don’t lie down on a cold floor and cool the muscles down too quickly.

We would also recommend that you always have a water bottle close to hand to ensure that you replenish your fluids.


Our sessions focus on you, your breathing, your posture and your movement – you will not need to be hunched over your device or staring at a screen endlessly. Choose from a 45 minute or 60 minute session to fit in with your schedule – which you can pause and take breaks as you need.

You can purchase your sessions via our selection available on Vimeo. We have over 100 videos for you to choose from and stream from any device. Sessions are available for 48 hours after which you can purchase them again in the future if you want to revisit the workout or practice the techniques again.

If you have any pre-existing conditions, are new to exercise or have an injury we always recommend that you seek advice from your GP before purchasing any of our workouts. Your safety is our ultimate priority and we want you to be able to both enjoy the sessions and benefit from them, so please do seek medical advice if you have any concerns prior to purchasing a session.