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Welcome! (No, you’re not too late)

Sometimes, as adults, we’re hesitant to ask questions – a trait that can get in the way of us starting something new and, sadly, limit our experiences in life. Mostly, the resistance to asking questions and seeking guidance centres around self-consciousness; feeling like we shouldn’t be taking up someone else’s time and the fear that we’re asking ‘silly’ questions. Questions are good … they dispel assumptions, clarify conflicting information, prevent errors or rectify mistakes and, importantly, can remove all manner of ill-feeling. So, ask away. We get lots of questions here at Ballet Contours’ head office, where you’ll always find Heather, founder and director of BC, affording the time to answer queries, big or small, in the sincere hope that she can alleviate people’s concerns, make them feel comfortable, break down barriers & stereotypes and offer ethical guidance on safe practices. We’re here for you.