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We can make you FEEL GOOD!

At BC, we’re all about the “fun in exercise!” Why? Well, lets see…

✔️Knowing an activity is going to be fun can give you the impetus to do something new that you’ve always wanted to try.

✔️You look forward to something that you find enjoyable so it doesn’t feel arduous to schedule it into your plans.

✔️When you find exercise fun, you’ll do it more often and, in doing so, reap even greater benefits.

✔️Exercise on its own is a stress reducer but, when it’s also fun and your heart is in it, you feel euphoria from the experience – it becomes a true soul booster.

✔️Fun in exercise fuels long-term desire, meaning that you’re more likely to stick at it. The enjoyment of the activity becomes the primary focus – you no longer rely on the determination of the mind to get you to exercise when the heart and soul become the driving force.

✔️Being immersed in something you enjoy will lead to you pushing yourself further and, funnily enough, decrease the chance of injury because you’re of the right mindset to fully engage with instruction and become more aware of your movements.

✔️Taking part in activities that you really enjoy opens the door to meeting like-minded people and building a supportive network. … there you have it, exercise can and SHOULD be enjoyed!