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Studio Workouts


Join us in our urban studio, tucked under a railway bridge in Manchester – be part of the buzz of the City and immerse yourself in our range of barre fitness classes for all abilities…

We offer an inclusive range of barre fitness classes,  with each workout ensuring there is high repetition, full body training to intelligently exercise your body and release tension from your mind…

Express barre fitness classes Manchester

45 mins

A 45minute session that still offers a full body workout by using the classic
techniques associated with traditional ballet training.

Express workouts have only
limited commentary to keep a faster pace and ensure that the body is both
lengthened and toned during these shorter sessions.

Best suits those with some previous experience.

Manchester Barre Fitness Class

60 mins

A 60minute session that will take you through the rigours of classic barre training 
used by professional dancers, leaving the body sculpted and fitness levels raised.

These workouts offer clear explanations, verbal guidance throughout each
sequence and options to modify certain movements as appropriate.

The perfect class for beginners as well as those with previous experience who wish to
consolidate their technique.
Suitable for all abilities.

No previous experience needed.

Core & Cardio workout class manchester

60 mins

A 60minute workout that is predominantly done without the support of the barre. 

These sessions are designed to improve postural alignment, balance and core

Designed to simultaneously work to also strengthen all the muscles of the lower
limb in readiness for high impact movements that will increase your heart rate, improve bone density and strengthen your heart and lungs.

En Pointe Classes Manchester

45 mins

A 45minute workout to lay down solid foundations required for the rigours of

These sessions are designed to build strength in the feet, ankles, legs
and core, all of which must be done while maintaining the correct alignment of the

An initial assessment is required before attending these workouts, after which
members will need to ensure regular attendance due to the additional safety
elements that need to be considered.

Ballet Class

90 mins

A 90 minute session that follows the format of a traditional ballet class.

Providing a full body workout that is set at a faster pace to allow time to complete a
comprehensive barre programme before going onto centre exercises that include
pirouettes and jumps.

Best suits those with previous ballet experience and/or individuals who have
attended BC barre workouts for approximately 6 months.

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45 mins

A 45minute session designed to enhance the ballet-based techniques used in all
BC workouts.

Focussing on developing good muscle memory to help prevent
injury and further improve your proficiency.

Suitable for all abilities. No previous experience needed.


We have a range of packages available so that you can tailor your perfect workout regime, and attend classes at times most suitable for you!

“The atmosphere of Heather’s classes in the BContours studio are supportive and relaxed, but attentive.

You feel that you are part of a valued group and that is largely due to the attitude of Heather, who gives the opportunity to go beyond our perceived limitations in a safe environment. Sometimes we’re pushed hard, sometimes less so – but at all times one feels that Heather really wants you to be able to do this.

After feeling nervous about returning to dance after a long absence, these classes have allowed me to reconnect with dance. Helping all aspects of my wellbeing, keeping me grounded and in the flow of life.
I would highly recommend this for anyone. Thank you, Heather.”

Briony Y


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