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On-Demand Workouts


Recorded live from our urban studio, tucked under a railway bridge in Manchester – you can sense the buzz of the City and hear the rumble of the trains…

Our range of fully inclusive sessions are grouped according to duration and intensity level, with each workout ensuring low impact, high repetition, full body training to intelligently exercise your body and release tension from your mind…

BContours training is based on ballet techniques used at the barre. Routines are designed to target specific muscle groups so as to both strengthen and lengthen muscles for a long, lean, sculpted look. Mindful movement for men and women that gives you a full body workout. B Contours barre classes have both ladies and gentlemen with the leg extended behind to work the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Ballet based classes online and on demand.

60 mins

Suitable for all abilities. No previous experience needed. An hour-long session based on a traditional ballet barre.

These lighter workouts are set at a slower pace with detailed explanations for each sequence and plenty of verbal guidance, making these sessions perfect for a beginner as well as those with previous experience who wish to consolidate the basic techniques.

Ballet Contours online ballet inspired barre workout classes will see rapid results in flexibility and strength. Encouraged to concentrate on purposeful breathing, this intelligent form of exercise is great for releasing stress and reducing anxiety as the classical music works to calm your mind. BContours barre class has both ladies and men taking the leg in hyperextension to strengthen the hamstrings, lift and tone the bums while strengthening the back to reduce back pain.

60 mins

Suitable for all abilities. No previous experience needed.

A one-hour session that will take you through the rigours of classic barre training used by professional dancers, leaving the body sculpted and fitness levels raised.

These workouts are set at a steady pace with
clear explanations and options to modify certain movements as appropriate. 

BContours works with ladies and gents to achieve their fitness goals while also working to reduce stress by using ballet inspired training to classical music for mindful, intelligent exercise. These guys and girls are in an arabesque pose to strengthen the back and improve their core stability.

45 mins

Best suits those with some previous experience and knowledge of common ballet terminology.

A shortened session that still offers a full body workout by using the classic techniques associated with
traditional ballet training. Express workouts have only limited commentary so as to keep a faster pace and ensure that the body is both lengthened and toned during these shorter sessions.

I thought it would be nice to try a BContours class, having read that no previous ballet experience was necessary. What intrigued me was the strength required to accomplish the moves and positions of the body, and over the years that I attended, I noticed a visible improvement in core strength, shapely legs, arms and shoulders – that can only be a good thing!”

Nicky J


We have over 100 videos available to suit your style and ability – with leading instruction providing support, encouragement and an immersive experience to reach your health and wellness goals.


Ballet Contours specialises in bringing barre fitness to adults with no previous ballet training. Using the same classical techniques as professional dancers, Ballet Contours workouts will sculpt your body and improve your mood with low impact, strength building movements that are safe for you to do at home using the on demand sessions. Here both ladies and gentlemen are using the grand plie in 2nd position for thigh strength and general leg workout.


Ballet Contours can help you lose weight, strengthen and tone, improve your posture, flexibility and breathing through a set of world class barre fitness workouts. Here men and women are using traditional ballet techniques to strengthen their calf muscles and improve their balance.


BContours is fully inclusive, working with all body shapes and sizes, all ages and abilities, to bring everyone easy access to high quality ballet based barre fitness. This tendu on fondu position is developing thigh strength and finding core stability through correct postural placement.


Ballet Contours' online ballet based fitness workouts will quickly reward you with improvements in both strength and flexibility. Low impact, high repetition movements like this grand battement to the back will strengthen the hamstring, glutes and back regardless of your age or ability and is perfect for beginners.


BContours offers a mindful approach to fitness and wellbeing, strengthening the body, offering escapism of the mind and improving mood through the use of online, on demand barre fitness for adults who are interested in what ballet based training can do for them. Here we have men and women doing backbends to improve spine mobility and overall flexibility.


BC ballet based training is a comprehensive online barre workout programme that will develop strength, balance and flexibility while exercising at home. Here both men and women are doing an arabesque used in classical ballet to strengthen the glutes and back while building core strength for balance and stability.


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I loved my first session – I felt fantastic afterwards, although I didn’t realise how challenging some of those ‘simple’ looking postures can be. Definitely great for my aging body and even better for my mindset."

Martina C